7 Reasons Why You Should Become a Pilot

Are you in that phase of your life where you are still confused about what career you should choose? There are a lot of career opportunities you can choose but you need to keep certain factors in mind and make the right choice. One of the professions that allow you to get great satisfaction while working with excellent financial rewards is becoming a pilot.

7 Reasons Why You Should Become a Pilot

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  1. Sense Of freedom:
    Flying gives you a sense of freedom that you can find only while flying high in the sky. It gives you endless possibilities for freedom and adventure. It’s insane how a simple machine can fly so fast in the air. Many pilots after retiring say that they didn’t feel like working even for a day since joining airline as pilot.
  2. The Office View Is Unbeatable:
    Where can you find office view that changes every day? Places which look beautiful from ground look even more spectacular from the bird’s eye view. You get salaried for flying and your office will always have endless views. Nothing beats happiness of flying above the cloud and seeing the bright sunshine in bad weather conditions.
  3. Always In Demand:
    You are almost guaranteed to find a job if you build your flying hours. You can earn a good living after getting your pilot license as there is always a shortage of pilots. It doesn’t matter whether flying is your hobby or you choose it as a professional career you would never regret your decision.
  4. Love To Travel:
    If you love to travel, than becoming pilot is the ultimate job for you. You would always fly to new destinations and guess what you will be even paid for it. Cool right! You can visit all the exotic places between your shifts which you could never have seen otherwise.
  5. High Financial Rewards:
    Becoming a pilot is not as challenging or demanding as becoming an astronaut. Once established, pilots get paid really well. BLS says that median salary for a pilot is $98,410 per year. Along with financial rewards, you also get great respect. People will always react like “Wow, you’re a Pilot?!”
  6. A Pilot’s Holiday Is Indeed a Holiday:
    Unlike other professions, a pilot’s holiday is actually holiday. You just don’t have to worry about calls from office or any emergency meetings. If you are a pilot you can enjoy stress-free and peaceful vacations.
  7. Develop Leadership Skills:
    When you take command of an aircraft whether it’s small or large you would be required to take responsibilities and make decisions. The outcome of such decisions will eventually lead to you developing your leadership skills.

So do you want to become a Pilot? I am sure after reading above benefits you would surely want to. The aviation industry is showing growth in the number of pilots that are being hired. If your dream is to fly high and you want to learn more about the aviation industry you can visit us at Institute for Commercial Pilot Training in India